At Haines Economic Development Corporation (HEDC), we are dedicated to fostering growth and prosperity in the beautiful community of Haines. We aim to stimulate economic vitality through strategic initiatives, partnerships, and innovative projects. With a focus on sustainability and community enhancement, we aim to create a thriving environment where businesses and residents can flourish.

Our Projects

Community Surveys: In our commitment to understanding and addressing the needs of our community, HEDC conducts regular surveys to gather valuable insights on various aspects affecting residents’ lives. Currently, we are focusing on the following areas:

Housing: Affordable housing is essential for the well-being and stability of our community. Through our housing survey, we seek to identify housing challenges, preferences, and opportunities for improvement. Your input will help us develop strategies to address housing affordability and availability in Haines.

 Childcare: Access to quality childcare is crucial for working families. Our childcare survey aims to gather feedback on childcare needs, preferences, and challenges facing parents and caregivers in Haines. By understanding the demand for childcare services, we can explore solutions to support families and enhance early childhood development opportunities.

 Workforce Development: A skilled workforce is vital for economic growth and prosperity. Our workforce development survey seeks to assess the skills, training needs, and employment opportunities in Haines. Whether you’re an employer, employee, or job seeker, your input will inform our efforts to strengthen the local workforce and promote economic advancement.

Community Enhancement Initiatives: Haines is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and vibrant cultural heritage. Through community enhancement projects, we strive to capitalize on these assets while preserving the unique character of our community. Whether it’s promoting outdoor recreation, ecotourism, improving visitor amenities, or showcasing local arts and crafts, we’re committed to making Haines a premier destination for travelers.

 Community Revitalization: Vibrant communities are built on a foundation of collaboration and inclusivity. HEDC spearheads initiatives aimed at revitalizing Haines’ downtown area, fostering community engagement, and preserving our cultural heritage. By supporting local events, revitalizing public spaces, and promoting small businesses, we aim to create a more vibrant and cohesive community for residents and visitors alike. See our RERC plan for more details.

FY’ 24 Borough sponsored plans: 

Value-added Timber Opportunities in the Chilkat Valley. Estimated date: May 2024.

Socio-Economic Study of the Palmer Project Exploration Phase: 2020-2023. Estimated Date: September 2024.


Community Prospectus Website

Community Prospectus Website

HEDC, in contract with Element Agency, an Alaska-based creative agency, developed the site to be both a resource ...
Master Trails Plan

Master Trails Plan

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