What does “location neutral” mean?

A location neutral worker  is someone who doesn’t need to be in a specific location to make a wage, or someone who works elsewhere but resides in Haines. In either case they can live wherever they want.  Examples include:

  • North Slope workers who live in Haines
  • Telecommuters who choose to live in Haines
  • Miners at Greens Creek or Kensington who raise their families in Haines 
  • Artists, writers, digital nomads, retirees

Location neutral workers come from different geographies, fields of study, and industries. As they settle into Haines, making homes and lives, they effectively diversify our economy, bringing outside money and lifting our schools and our infrastructure.

Our economy is often at the whims of market forces outside of our control. The cruise ship industry is one example of a single industry having an outsize role on our economy. A downturn in the cruise industry is a downturn in Haines. But by making Haines an attractive place to live and work for families with the flexibility to live anywhere, we all will enjoy the benefits, whether you yourself are location neutral or not.

Are you a location neutral worker living in Haines? Please fill out our survey and help us understand what you see as the benefits and challenges of working and living in Haines, Alaska.