Current Projects

Scoping of Economic Impact of UA Timber Sale

HEDC released its “Scoping of Economic Impact to the Community of Haines from the University of Alaska’s Proposed 10-Year Timber Sale” on April 23 (download it here.)
This document is not an actual economic analysis – this is scoping of what a comprehensive analysis may include or look like given time and resources to complete it. HEDC believes a complete analysis could be an important planning tool if the timber sale were to go forward.

Opportunity Zones Program

UPDATE: April 20, 2018 – The State of Alaska has formally designated 25 Opportunity Zones, with the Haines Borough being one of them, as part of a federal program designed to drive long-term capital to distressed communities. Read more in this announcement from the state Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development. 


The Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development is solicited input regarding the designation of Opportunity Zones in Alaska (read more at this link). Created as part of the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, the Opportunity Zones Program is designed to drive long-term capital to distressed communities by providing tax benefits on investments. HEDC and the Haines Borough worked together and each submitted input on this program. Read HEDC’s submission here.

McDowell presentation from Feb. 5, 2018

HEDC and McDowell Group hosted a community meeting to kick-off the Baseline Economic Data Study and Five-year Economic Development Plan projects on February 5, 2018 at the Haines Library. More than 50 people attended two presentations to hear about the projects, ask questions and give input. Thank you to everyone who came and we hope you stay involved over the next six months as we work on these projects. Please spread the word to your friends, family and neighbors. Community involvement and input is critical for success in this economic planning project.

Susan Bell and Jim Calvin used this PowerPoint presentation as part of the meeting.

HEDC to work with McDowell Group for Baseline Economic Data Report and Five-Year Strategic plan

As part of our working agreement with the Haines Borough, HEDC is focused on coordinating two important studies over the next six months; a Haines Baseline Economic Data Report and a Five-year Economic Development plan for Haines. The HEDC board chose to work with McDowell Group to conduct these studies. Below are the proposals submitted by McDowell Group. The board is still finalizing details with McDowell and we will update information here as the studies get underway.

McDowell Group Proposal Haines Baseline Economic Data Report

McDowell Group Proposal Haines 5 Year Economic Development Plan

McDowell Group combined final proposal

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