The Haines Economic Development Corporation is seeking qualified marketing agencies to assist with an economic development project. Deadline for applications is May 31.

Title: Creating a Pivot Program for Haines Businesses and Community Prospectus for Haines, Alaska.
What: HEDC is seeking an experienced marketing firm to assist with the following two objectives, 1) Creating a Pivot Program focusing on job retention for existing businesses and, 2) Creating a Community Prospectus to attract new businesses, location neutral workers and create new jobs.
Purpose: The goal of the Pivot Program is to assist 10-15 Haines-based businesses to move their operations online, find new customers and enhance their digital marketing skill set. Digital enhancements include, but are not limited to, development and launch of an e-commerce site, search engine optimization, content marketing strategies, search engine marketing strategies, social media strategies and digital display ad strategies. The desired outcome for all consultation is to increase businesses’ sales and diversify customer base to retain and create jobs at existing businesses.
The Community Prospectus will develop, design, and build a Haines-specific online community prospectus that promotes Haines as a great place to both live as a location neutral based worker, a brick and mortar business or with private investment that may take advantage of Haines’ Opportunity Zone designation. The contractor is expected to employ 2-5 local suppliers for subcontracting opportunities, such as photography, videography and web design.

● A cover letter containing the complete name and contact information of the firm; a statement of commitment to the project; reference to your Alaska business license number.
● A brief description of how you propose to accomplish the tasks outlined in this request. At a minimum this should include a list of key individuals, including any subcontractors, and their time commitment to this project, a work schedule, and note any expectations you may have of HEDC during the period of this contract.
● Written documentation of experience.
● A detailed cost proposal that includes an estimated cost for this work, including all labor, overhead, profit, and direct expenses not to exceed $200,000.

Qualifications: Prior success in designing and implementing similar pivot programs and community prospectuses; degree and/or five years experience is marketing, advertising and writing fields; familiarity with the Chilkat Valley.

Selection Criteria: Demonstrated success with similar projects; demonstrated familiarity with local regional and/or statewide economic development issues; experience working with small towns Pop. 5000 or less; demonstrated small business marketing success stories; previous experience/success developing  campaigns to attract remote workers; proof of organizational capacity to execute all components of project; timely submission and communications.

Submit questions and/or completed proposals to Deadline for applications is May 31.