HEDC recently completed a community survey on the availability and affordability of child care in Haines. This survey is not statistically representative of all families in Haines, but it is valuable in providing a snap shot of child care issues in the community. We received 47 responses. In the coming weeks we will be compiling a report with detailed results, additional data and possible recommendations for ways concerns about child care may be addressed. Until that report is complete, we wanted to provide some of the results from the survey (see infographic below.) Thank you to everyone who participated. Anyone else who would like to submit questions, concerns or comments about child care affordability and accessibility in Haines, please email director@hainesedc.org or call us at 766-3130. Your input is valuable.

You can download the complete raw data results here.

There is also statewide information in a 2015 McDowell Group study, “The Economics of Early Care and Learning in Alaska.” (Note: this survey is currently being updated; we will post that report when it is released.)